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Our Philosophy

Everything we do we do for you

Strategic Advice

We help you to align your financial strategy with your wider business goals We challenge you to think through different strategies and their effect on the capital valuation of your business. We then help you to develop and implement long-term growth plans. By understanding where your company is and where you'd like it to be, we can ensure that your transactional activity has the best chance of achieving its objectives. Evaluating sale and acquisition plans - Getting advice from an objective third party will help you to understand the strategic benefits or flaws of your existing sale and acquisition plans. We will review your proposals and work with you to improve the strategies as appropriate. Preparing your business for sale and maximising its value - By understanding your business from an investor's perspective, we can advise you on what makes your business valuable and how to maximise this. Post-acquisition integration - We can help ensure the smooth transition of any major transactions that you undertake. We have helped clients successfully integrate mergers and acquisitions to ensure they have the best chance of success. We work together to prepare and achieve your strategic vision.

Business Plans

We believe a robust business plan and supporting financial projections are essential full stop: A good business plan will contain a clear articulation of business strategy, a set of actions linked to implementation plans and a detailed set of financial projections. While business plans may meet management’s internal requirements they often, in our experience, require augmentation to be fit for purpose particularly when subject to external diligence. We provide an unbiased and objective view to support the articulation of business plan assumptions. In challenging and developing business plans we typically: Assesses the validity of market and strategic assumptions Evaluates the management team and structure Reviews key systems, controls and processes Provides financial modelling capability to support scenario analysis Whatever your strategic objectives are, understanding and articulating them through a well documented business plan is a key ingredient in achieving capital appreciation.

SEIS & EIS Equity

Let us help you raise tax efficient funding We can work with your business to help you achieve SEIS/EIS status and then to raise £150k to £2m of equity from Investors who will benefit from 30%- 50% tax relief and 0% CGT subject to various rules and criteria. CBF Capital either take a founders' equity stake and work with your business as a principal director to raise equity funds. Alternatively we can work with your business to manage a team of advisors to source capital. CBF will give you an honest assessment before and during a fundraising process. CBF can work alongside all your existing advisors and/or help appoint new/joint ones. CBF help make sure your team is focussed on you and your requirements. CBF will work with you through the process from the start to the end, helping at all stages to ensure that you are prepared to meet with potential investors.

Debt Management

Let us help you use the debt markets to your advantage We can help you bring in new debt into your business to aid growth and development. We focus on the businesses cash requirements and working capital cycles to ensure your debt structure is robust and provides headroom for growth and also headroom for any negative shock or downturn in the business cycle that may occur. We have a wide range of blue chip Banking and Asset Based Lending contacts that we work with to ensure that any debt taken on is done so at reasonable rates. If you find yourself requiring new facilities due to a deterioration in the relationship with your existing debt providers, then we can arrange to re-structure your existing facilities.

MBO & MBI Funding

Let us help you buy the business you work in CBF Capital can help you buy the business you currently run through a managment buy-out or buy a business you want to run through a managment buy-in. We find you a private equity firm in the best position to back your particular transaction. We tailor our service to individual teams and circumstances. Initial, totally confidential contact with management and assessment of the buy-in/out plan; Discreet meetings with the team to refine the MBO/MBI proposal and advise on likely funding sources; Approaching and negotiating with those private equity investors, or other sources of funding, that are likely to be your best partners with whom to MBO/MBI and run the business. In advising on this, we take into account the size of the business, its sector and location, the sort of support the team wants going forward and the reputation of the chosen partner – we only deal with those general partners that we know to be top quality; Helping the team to understand and negotiate the many terms, conditions and legal agreements involved in completing an MBO/MBI; If required, advice going forward when you own the business, or come to sell it. We appreciate that securing the right MBO/MBI backing is crucial to you. Having taken a detailed brief we will then work to secure investment for your MBO/MBI from a supportive and motivated private equity firm, then continue to liaise between you and your backers until the deal completes.

Private Equity

Is your business ready for Private Equity We have access to a wide range of Private Equity investors, ranging from small regional funds to mid-market houses of LDC and North Edge. We can work with you and Private Equity providers to source buyout, buyin and development/growth capital for your business expansion plans. We can assess your business controls. systems and financial/managment information to see if you are ready for PE investment.


Access the UK's leading Fund Managers CBF Capital have a wide range of contacts with leading UK small and mid cap fund managers. If you are considering flotation either to raise funds or as an exit strategy for the current owners, we can help you through the process. Preparing to float: We can advise on whether this is a viable alternative for your business. Once the decision is made, we help you structure and prepare the business accordingly Network of fund managers: We introduce you to a handful of suitable fund managers to understand the ability of your business to float. Advisory Team: We introduce you to Sponsors/Brokers who will help list your company, to Accountants who can provide reports and reviews on all financial aspects of your business including financial systems, forecasts, working capital. In addition we can use HR experts to produce reviews on employment risks and similarly we call on the expertise of our transaction tax experts who review complex tax considerations.

Business Sales

We can help you achieve an exit Through over thirty years of working in Investment circles of one sort or another, CBF Capital can connect to multiple sources of acquirers of businesses. We've never counted but have estimated that we have access through our connections to the acquisition criteria set by thousands of potential purchasers. These include Private Equity, Public Market, Private Individuals and Overseas buyers. We understand your requirements for confidentiality so prior to marketing your business, we discuss with you who can be approached and when. We also advise on the different exit routes, trade sales, PE deals, MBO/MBI and IPO's.

Cash Management

Sometimes you just need some extra help providing information to the banks For businesses experiencing cash pressure, proactive short-term cash management is often a necessary component in order to buy the time required to prepare, negotiate and execute a restructuring plan. We support management teams by implementing: Short-term cash forecasting processes and procedures to improve the visibility of cash requirements Active cash management to identify working capital and other cash flow improvements to maximise available liquidity and minimise any additional cash requirement Effective short-term cash reporting for internal management and external stakeholders When working on or behalf of lenders, our team is also able to provide an independent view of cash requirements and cash management options.

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